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Frag Repairs - Quick and Affordable Computer & Network Solutions

Frag Repairs is happy to service the Rochester community, and with over 13 years experience, we at Frag Repairs can get your machine running like the day you got it.

We offer contracts for businesses to help cut costs for larger quantities of machines. Whether you're a new business just getting started, or looking for a local company to maintain your machines - give us a call and see how much you can save with Frag!

What we do

Virus Removal

Did your system catch a nasty bug? Most virus removal jobs are same or next day pickup.

Laptop Screen Replacement

Did the cat knock your laptop off the chair of your couch and crack the screen? No worries, we can get a new screen installed starting at just $75!

Operating Systems

Looking to upgrade your operating system, or get a fresh installation done? We'll get it installed for you with current updates.

And much more!

Our services list is much too long to put everything on here. Give us a call, or stop in today with any questions.


Need more power to play that new game, but don't want to buy a new desktop? Don't worry, we can upgrade it for you.

Custom Builds

Can't find the right desktop for your needs, or just want a custom rig? We'll help you pick out the hardware and find it at the lowest cost to you. You can either ship them to your house or our shop, and we'll put it all together for you; and you only pay us for labor!

Data Recovery

Did your system crash, and you can no longer gain access to the files? We can recover the files and folders for you.

Data Transfer

Did you get a new computer, and need to transfer all the files from your old to the new? We can add the hard drive to your new desktop as a secondary, or just transfer the data over for you.

Data Destruction

Need to get rid of old hard drives, but don't want the data to fall into unwanted hands? Bring it in, and we'll disassemble the hard drive and destroy the platter - all at no charge to you!

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